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24U announces 24U Email OSAX 5.0

New version of the popular AppleScript® scripting addition for easy automating e-mails is now compatible with OS X 10.8 thru 10.11

Prague, CZ -- December 9, 2015

24U Software released the version 5.0 of 24U Email OSAX. The scripting addition extends AppleScript by a few easy-to-use commands to quickly send emails directly from scripts, without need of any additional application.

The latest version with ready-to-use examples and ability to send multiple e-mails through a single SMTP connection is now compatible with OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11, and is built with the newest version of OpenSSL to support TLS 1.2.

About 24U Email OSAX

24U Email OSAX allows AppleScript users to:

  • Send e-mail directly from AppleScript to avoid learning complicated 3rd party tools
  • Add attachments with encoding of his choice to be compatible even with old e-mail apps
  • Send e-mails in background to keep user's script going without waiting for slow SMTP
  • Send proper HTML e-mails to get e-mails look professional and not considered SPAM
  • Connect to SMTP using SSL and authentication to protect user's e-mail communication

Peter Crosskey said: "I've been using a Mac for years but never really thought I'd be able to manage AppleScript, until I found that I could speed up routine e-mail transmissions with your software. Thank you."

Ron Bishop from The Kansas City Star wrote: "I use 24U Email OSAX for sending error messages through our email server. Easy to use."

Scott Love assigned a previous version of 24U Email OSAX a 4-mice rating in his Macworld review, writing: "24U Email OSAX 2.2 is a great help. Best of all, it won't break your bank."

HOnza Koudelka, software division manager of 24U, says: "Many e-mail automation tools open a new SMTP connection for every message they send, what makes them very slow. The biggest advantage of Email OSAX is in the way it can send e-mails in background and maintain a single SMTP connection for multiple adjacent messages. It gives you the ability to send e-mails out very fast with an easy to use syntax, but it still lets you construct the e-mail properly to avoid mail servers filtering a legitimate newsletter as spam. I am glad that our team has been able to combine the power of technology with the power of ease of use into a single product so efficiently."

System Requirements and Compatibility

Recommended configuration:
Mac OS X: Intel Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.10 or newer

Minimum requirements:
Mac OS X: Intel Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.8

Availability and Pricing

24U Email OSAX 5.0 is available as a shareware. User can install 24U Email OSAX, and try it out for the period of 14 days free of charge. After this period, 24U Email OSAX can stop working and require a registration code. User will get this code after he pays for a license.

Licenses for 24U Email OSAX start at US$49 per user.

Existing customers of version 4 can upgrade to the new version at 30 % off the regular price.

Optional Premium Support and Implementation service are available with the purchase of 24U Email OSAX 5.0.

More information:

About 24U Software

24U Software offers solutions for people, not for computers!
Since 2000 24U Software has been committed to production of easy to use software that makes working and developing with FileMaker Pro and AppleScript faster, simpler and cheaper. ISO 9001:2008 certified for design, development, customization and implementation of software.

Customer contact:
HOnza Koudelka
Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o.

Press Contact:


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