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  • J. Owen about custom development

    J. Owen about custom development

  • Joe Byrne about Phidgets

    Joe Byrne about Phidgets

  • S. Blackwell about SimpleHASP

    S. Blackwell about SimpleHASP

  • A. Hinshaw about PhoneCompanion

    A. Hinshaw about PhoneCompanion

  • D. Chandler about 24U FMBench

    D. Chandler about 24U FMBench

  • Lynn Oburg about SimpleDialog

    Lynn Oburg about SimpleDialog

  • Jeff England about SimpleTalk

    Jeff England about SimpleTalk

  • P. Wagemans about SimpleTalk

    P. Wagemans about SimpleTalk

  • Tim Curtin about SimpleTalk

    Tim Curtin about SimpleTalk

  • Neal Frank about SimpleDialog

    Neal Frank about SimpleDialog

  • J. England about custom development

    J. England about custom development

  • Chad Oster about PhoneCompanion

    Chad Oster about PhoneCompanion

  • Keith Caldwell about SimpleFile

    Keith Caldwell about SimpleFile

  • Michael Wallace about 24U FM Bench

    Michael Wallace about 24U FM Bench

  • Paul de Hallé about SimpleDialog

    Paul de Hallé about SimpleDialog

  • Diego D'alessio about SimpleDialog

    Diego D'alessio about SimpleDialog

  • Owen Caldwell about Phidgets

    Owen Caldwell about Phidgets

  • Vince Menanno about SimpleDialog

    Vince Menanno about SimpleDialog

I look forward to working with FM Bench. Optimizing is an art and you created a tool that should really help. We all take shortcuts at time in order to get coding done and sometimes this can be one of the main causes for bogging down a solution. I look forward to your product helping me find those areas that need tuning.

Have used FM Bench on a ‘template’ set I am creating for myself and proved that my instincts were correct – creating a set of merge substitution strings for just over 4000 contacts – down from 44 secs to 14 secs!

I keep track of my Custom Functions in a database. When a Custom Function is revised, I compare some “Sample In” results to previous “Sample out” results to see if I have caused an error during the revision. I also want to compare the execute times to the previous revision. That lets me know if I have optimized or slowed down the Custom Function. I used to use “Extra Suites” on the Mac for this but it was very cumbersome as I had to find and remove my own overhead. I could only get an approximate overhead value. FM Bench will be ideal to re-implement this in a clean manner.

I’ve been following the whole FM Bench optimisation area for some time and have done plenty in the past including getting scripts that took 8 hours or so to run in less than a minute. Its fascinating in it’s own right as well as being hugely beneficial to the solution users. Enjoyed your presentation at POEX London last year by the way.

24U Phone Companion is Finally a plug-in that allows seamless cross platform telephony integration from within FileMaker. Allowing developers to implement Enterprise level CRM functionality within their solutions and offer clients a level of professional phone integration. Linear Blue are proud to partner with 24U to distribute and implement this plug-in within the UK FileMaker community.

24U SimpleHelp Plug-In is GREAT STUFF! The whole Filemaker developer community was waiting for this.

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In is just a great plug-in that I can see more and more uses for all the time.

I’ve been using a Mac for years but never really thought I’d be able to manage Applescript, until I found that I could speed up routine e-mail transmissions with your software. Thank you.

I could not have been more satisfied with the whole process of having a custom development undertaken by 24U.
The sales and technical staff were responsive, customer oriented and thoroughly professional. The work was completed within the time that had been discussed, and the cost was within the estimate, as had been stated. I had ample opportunity to test the evolving plug-in and provide feedback directly to the engineer responsible for the development. The result was a plug-in that met or exceeded all the areas of capability and performance that I was seeking.

ATPM article: I found Appearance OSAX to be nearly perfect at what it does. It’s easy to learn and use, and I think the widgets it provides are adequate for the automation and integration tasks that AppleScript was originally intended for.

Your new plugin is GREAT!!! I love it!…
…I have wanted this functionality for a long time.

24U SimpleDialog remains, according to me, the best FileMaker Pro dialog Plug-In on the market. The hole 24U team always surpasses itself living up to their saying : “Software for People, not for computers”. Congratulations once again!

24U FM Template might be useful if you want to reinvent the wheel, but not the axle and the rest of the car. ;-)

I use 24U Email OSAX for sending error messages through our email server. Easy to use.

A huge thanks for making the plug-in template. From Zero knowledge of CW to producing a filemaker plug-in in less than 1 week. Not bad! :-)

24U Email OSAX 2.2 is a great help. Best of all, it won’t break your bank.

Thanks for a great plugin! Miles better than the Troi Dialog plugin I tried the demo of recently!
…I also have the preferences plugin and both of them [24U SimpleDialog Plug-In and 24U Preferences+Globals Plug-In] are by far the most useful plugins out there.

This [24U SimpleHelp Plug-In] solves the most frequently asked question we’ve got for ecOrganizer over the last 2 years: where are the tiptools ?! Thanks of behalf of all our customers and future first-time users of ecOrganizer.

The SimpleDialog plug-in works like a charm, even with runtime applications built with FileMaker Pro.

The Regular Expression Validation feature is a welcome add-on, making 24U SimpleDialog 2.0 a real powerhouse. Now I don’t have to worry about users entering invalid characters. Thanks for incorporating this type of control in your dialogs.

They took the example plug-in project from FileMaker and simplified it a BUNCH by wrapping it with their own stuff! (BTW – It’s FREE!!) It’s a WHOLE lot simpler to start with the 24U template than it is with FileMaker’s!

It [AutoInstaller] has been a tremendous help to me, and solved problems that I couldn’t find answers to anywhere else. I had already read the FMP inc docs for auto-updating over & over, but it just wasn’t working… I’ve also emailed another plug-in company that was unable to explain the auto-update procedure. I told them that 24U had a really great example of how auto-update ought to be explained and advised that they take a good look at it, or just link to it from their support section.

I love using SimpleDialog in my solutions! The control it provides me, cannot be beat.

SimpleDialog extends FileMaker’s abilities, providing tools that allow me to design solutions that can effectively reach a global market. The dynamic flexibility of the SimpleDialog plug-in is simply awesome.

When developing solutions thanks to its potential, excellent cost-benefit and ease of use, SimpleDialog plugin is a part of my everyday tools.

I am developing two tailor-made solutions for clients running on respectively citrix metaframe and terminal server. 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In works like a charm on these environments (provided that each concurrent user listens to different ports).

SimpleDialog is a great plug-in. it helps us build solutions that our users love to use by keeping them informed of progress and helps us look much more professional.

24U designs state-of-the-art plugins, that enable our KeeSense solution users with powerful enhancements. They have a reliable, customer-focused team that listens to needs and provides answers in a very timely manner.

I have been writing Applescript applications for years using AppleScript Studio to do much of what 24U Appearance OSAX does, but with great difficulty. I wish I had known about 24U Appearance OSAX long ago. It would have saved my a great deal of work.
Been on the edge of my seat waiting for this day to arrive. So glad to see your product updated. I have dozens of production scripts, tens of thousands of lines of code, that are holding us back from migrating to Lion because of progress bars, dialogs and alerts that are broken but now that will be a thing of the past.

In one of our solutions we had a very complex recursive calculation that took ages to complete whith large amounts of data. We decided to ask 24U to develop a plugin to manage that calculation and we went from tens of minutes to fractions of a second in getting the result. Now our clients love us and we now love 24U. Thank you!

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Toolbox Plug-In 3.0.5 released

This update addresses issue when function Toolbox_Merge didn’t work with stylised text as expected and is recommended to all users of version 3.0

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24U releases 24U FM Bench 1.3 for FileMaker Pro

The new version now includes 24U Toolbox Plug-In version 3.0.3

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    24U Phidgets Plug-In
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    24U SimpleTalk Plug-In
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