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24U Software releases 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.0

A new version of the popular dialog plug-in now rewritten for FileMaker Pro 11, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and Windows 7

Prague, CZ -- July 19, 2010

24U Software announces an immediate availability of 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.0 for FileMaker Pro 11.

Get the just released 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.0 and make your FileMaker solutions interact with users via professionally looking dialogs. Easily.

This version has been rewritten from scratch to work natively with FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7. It also brings a revolutionary new feature called live updating dialogs.

What's new in version 4.0:

  • Rewritten from scratch for FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows 7
  • Revolutionary live updating dialogs - change the dialog while it's on the screen
  • Conditional value lists for popup menus
  • Customizable font size and style
  • Selection list as a new field type
  • Validations work for all field types (including text areas and pop-up menus)
  • Progress dialogs don't block Script Debugger

Primary Features:

  • Custom dialogs with unlimited amount of text and unlimited number of buttons
  • Unlimited number of input fields of 7 different kinds
  • Unlimited number of progress dialogs
  • On-the-fly validations of entered data (using a calculation or a regular expression)
  • Custom message can be displayed after unsuccessful validation
  • Optical optimization (dynamic sizing of dialogs)
  • Static text and separators improve readability of your dialogs
  • Multi-line text area field can be used to edit long text
  • Dialog may take icon from a container field (any size)
  • Dialog look can be enhanced by picture from a container field
  • Customizable dialog title, position, width, icon, and timeout

Use 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In to make your solutions look professional and prevent support calls

Using 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In can help developers to prevent unnecessary support calls from customers. More on this can be read in the HOnza's recent blog article at the following address:

Over 10 thousand people use 24U SimpleDialog Plug-in and 158 independent developers already incorporate SimpleDialog into their solutions. See what some of them say about the product:

"SimpleDialog is a great plug-in. it helps us build solutions that our users love to use by keeping them informed of progress and helps us look much more professional." -- Vincenzo p. Menanno, Director of FileMaker Development, Creator of Inspector & Co-Author of Web Services Plug-In, Beezwax

"SimpleDialog extends FileMaker's abilities, providing tools that allow me to design solutions that can effectively reach a global market. The dynamic flexibility of the SimpleDialog plug-in is simply awesome." -- Christopher Gauntt, owner Cordega Solutions, FBA Member, Certified Developer

"I love using SimpleDialog in my solutions! The control it provides me, cannot be beat." -- Dave Wheelock, Desktop Services, Inc.

Software Requirements and Compatibility

24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer and FileMaker Pro 8.5 or newer. Recommended is Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.

Windows XP SP3 and FileMaker Pro 8.5 are minimum requirements for using the plug-in on the Windows platform. Windows 7 and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced are recommended.

Older versions of the plug-in are still available for FileMaker Pro versions 4 through 8.

Availability and Pricing

24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.0 is immediately available for download free of charge as a fully functional 14-days trial version, which can be activated after purchasing a license code.

More info:

License for 1 user is US$48, additional users pay just US$24 or less!

Developer license starts at US$349 limited to 20 concurrent users per site, unlimited to a number of solutions or customers.

To purchase visit:
More about 24U licenses:

Permanent discounts are available to FBA, FileMaker TechNet, and FMPUG members.

Special offer with highly reduced price and extra bonuses is available only this week for 24U's Twitter followers ( and Facebook fans (

About 24U Software

24U Software offers solutions for people, not for computers!
Since 2000 24U Software has been committed to production of easy to use software that makes working and developing with FileMaker Pro and AppleScript faster, simpler and cheaper. ISO 9001:2008 certified for design, development, customization and implementation of software.

Customer contact:
HOnza Koudelka
Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o.

Press Contact:


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