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FileMaker Solution Audit Overview

We will carefully analyze your existing FileMaker solution, identify existing and potential issues, and suggest strategy to keep it working and make it support your business evolution and growth.

  • Familiarization with your solution to make our professional advice match your needs
  • Key process analysis to find out what’s really important for you
  • Summary of known issues to make sure that they are not underestimated
  • Discovery of your environment to to consider cost efficiency of proposed solutions
  • Code review to give you external opinion based on wide experience
  • Analysis by analytical tools to unveil issues which are hard to discover by eyes
  • Written summary of discovered points possible to use as a “to do” list
  • Risk evaluation of issues to set priorities and prevent largest potential damages first
  • Solution proposal for discovered issues to ensure that the issues will never come back
  • Proposal of long-term care to let you sleep rested and focus on your business
  • Vladislav Ptašnik

What our customers say

The 24U company was very helpful with pointing out the duplication and even triplication of the data inputs. The view from outside of the company was very important to set up the basics of our information system. (…) I recommend services of 24U to every company which is looking for flexible solution or to every company which prefers flexible solution upon the exact preset solution.

Vladislav Ptašnik, CompoTech PLUS, spol. s r. o., Czech Republic


Familiarization with your solution

As the first step of our audit we’ll let you demonstrate your FileMaker solution to us, we will study your documentation, and preferably also watch key users during their regular work with the solution.

Thanks to knowing your solution we will be able to review code considering its purpose, correctly evaluate importance of discovered issues, and to adopt your terminology for more effective communication.


Key process analysis

As the second step, we’ll learn what you do, how you do it, how exactly you use your solution to accomplish your tasks, and what’s the value your work is supposed to produce.

By understanding your key business process we will be able to focus our audit of your solution on the question how well it supports your business.


Summary of known issues

We will ask you and your users what you miss in the solution, what you want to change, what causes pain but has not been resolved for any reason yet.

We will get the existing issues acknowledged and properly evaluated, so that you don’t underestimate them. Professional external view will stop your unresolved issues from distracting you because you will have a clear plan for resolving them.


Discovering your environment

Other important things we need to know are your system’s version, hardware configuration, backup, whether you do a preventive maintenance and how, your security measures, and how you train new users.

By knowing your technical constraints, we can take potential costs into account when proposing solutions to your issues, and propose the most cost-effective approach.


Code review

Your solution’s code will get surveyed by the eyes of our experienced certified developers who will discuss their opinions as a team, and evaluate your solution form the perspective of developer conventions, design patterns, code readability and efficiency.

You will get an independent professional advice based on multiple opinions, comparison with industry standards, and experiences from a wide range of industries, in order to make your solution well maintainable even when you have to add a new developer to the team.


Analysis by analytical tools

We’ll check your solution with available analysis tools, including consistency check, DDR, Base Elements, Inspector Pro, and FMDiff, and generate a report of discovered hidden and potential issues.

This method unveils issues which can’t be discovered by eyes or it is hard to do, and helps to clean up your solution of obsolete stuff to make it perform better and easier to maintain and extend.


Written summary of discovered issues

We’ll take our gained knowledge and put it on the paper. We’ll summarize the issues you and your users know, discovered hidden issues, and issues that can arise in the future.

You will get complete overview of known and hidden issues in one place, so you can use it as a “to do” list to get rid of them one by one.


Risk and importance evaluation

For every single issue we will find out if the issue appears and how often, what impact it has on your business, and we will estimate possible damage it can cause to you if it does not get addressed.

You will be capable to properly evaluate which unresolved issue would be the most costly for your pocket and make a knowledgeable decision which issue should be the first to fix, as well as what is the acceptable cost of fixing them.


Solution proposal for discovered issues

We will suggest the most effective solution for every single issue, considering your current environment and actual impact on your business. We’ll focus on the goal to eliminate not only symptoms but even the cause of each issue.

You will have a clear plan to deal with each issue in a way that prevents it from appearing again.


Long-term care plan

We’ll propose a short term plan to deal with the most serious issues, and a long term strategy to maintain your solution, backup your data, eliminate remaining issues and continue with development to keep up with your business growth.

By having a solid sustainability plan, you can sleep rested at night and focus on your business during the day, knowing that your solution will reliably support you.

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