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Scavent Overview

Scavent is a complete software solution for live event organizers, that grew up on personal experiences with the use of modern technologies. As an experienced organizer of annual Teachers’ Summits we are ready to customize Scavent to fit your individual needs and use it to help you organize your event, so that you can focus on providing great content and leave the organizational difficulties in our hands.



24U is an experienced supplier of information technologies and custom software solutions. Starting from year 2011 we also regularly host Teachers’ Summits – live educational events for over 100 attendees.

Scavent is a software solution we developed for our own use, to make organization of our first teachers’ summit easier and more efficient. During the following years, we kept further improving the solution based on our experiences, up to the current state when we are ready, with the help of Scavent, to provide our services to other live event organizers.



Scavent is helping us with all processes during the preparation of our events, from registering attendees, through sending out tickets, to printing and packing badges and physical attendee bag contents. But the event preparation is just the beginning…



For fast ticket validation and fluent check-in of arriving attendess, Scavent has a mobile interface for iPad, including support for scanning ticket barcodes. The mobile client sends data to the server, so we have a real time information about how many of expected attendees have already arrived.



Information dashboard panels help attendees with their orientation during the whole event. We use the dashboards to display current program, important notifications, and any other information we want to drive attendees attention to. Contents of the dashboards can be updated from our mobile client at any time.



The physical attendee materials include also feedback forms, that are not only printed from Scavent. Collected feedback is also entered back to Scavent and easily evaluated. Thanks to the complete software solution we can have the whole event evaluated the next day even when using printed feedback forms.

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