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Integration Overview

We specialize in providing custom FileMaker solutions since the 24U was founded. We have gained over 15 years of experience crossing the boundaries of this technology and integrating it with other technologies and systems.

Let us integrate your FileMaker solution with your other systems to avoid human error and waste of time by duplicated data entry, and get your business running smoothly by having your data where they have the highest value.

  • accounting softwares (MoneyWorks, FreshBooks, HELIOS, Premier, Altus Vario…)
  • document and data processing and management systems (Daylite, Dropbox, Oracle, MySQL)
  • phone systems (Panasonic, ShoreTel, Mitel, Funkwerk, Siemens, Nortel, Aastra, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Ascotel, Alcatel…)
  • state administration (The VAT Payers Register, The Insolvency Register, etc.)
  • bank accounts and payment systems (Raiffeisenbank, ČSOB, Paypal, Kagi, eSellerate, MyCommerce)
  • physical world (buttons, relays, environmental sensors, RFID)
  • and many more technologies…

Integration with accounting software

Why reinvent the wheel? Instead of trying to create our own accounting package we’ll let you produce and process your business critical data in user friendly FileMaker solution and integrate with whatever accounting package you prefer to use for standard mandatory accounting processes. We already integrated FileMaker solutions with MoneyWorks, FreshBooks, HELIOS, Premier, Altus Vario, and others. Instead of trying to customize a standard package, you can use a complete custom solution for what’s important to your business and a standard package for everything else.

MoneyWorks FreshBooks Helios Premier Altus

Document and data processing and management

Whatever you do in your business, you certainly do work with other data and documents than those stored in your FileMaker database. We can let you import or generate documents using your data, and even get complete control over your data and documents stored outside of FileMaker Pro, such as having complete overview of all changes made in a shared folder within Dropbox. You don’t have to take care of two worlds – database and documents, as you can manage all your data from a single place – your FileMaker solution.

Dropbox Mysql Oracle
Daylite MCOffice

Make, accept, and log phone calls

Our own plug-in 24U Phone Companion lets you integrate your FileMaker solution with your phone system. 24U Phone Companion lets you make phone calls, look up the caller record, automate complex phone handling workflows, all without leaving your primary system. Phone Companion is compatible with most widely used phone switches, so it is very likely going to work with yours as well. Integrating your FileMaker solution with your phone system will let you save your time and take better care of your customers, while having all your telephone communication in your system.

Avaya Cisco Panasonic Shortel Mitel
Funwerk Siemens AAstra Asterisk Ascotel

Communication with a state administration

Most state and government managed registries are now available online. So why not save manual work and utilize the available data directly in your system? We have already integrated our solutions with several official registries, such as The VAT Payer Registry in Czech Republic, and can integrate others as well. Integrating your system with official registries will save your time but not having to manually type information available from reliable official sources, and you can also easily verify your suppliers or customers before giving them your trust.

Real time access to bank accounts and payment systems

If you send or receive large amounts of payments every day, having your cashflow automated and integrated into your primary system is a must. We have experience integrating FileMaker solution with bank accounts and payment systems not only for batch processing, but also for real-time data exchange. By integrating your custom FileMaker solution with your bank account or payment system, your primary business system will be able to send money exactly when it is supposed to and it will know about every payment made, incoming or outgoing, instantly after the transaction happens.

Paypal Kagi MyCommerce Raiff Csob

Let your data touch the physical world

There is a world outside the computer and it’s full of data. With our own 24U Phidgets Plug-In and the Phidgets devices, your FileMaker solution can gather data from environmental sensors, such as temperature meters, from physical knobs, buttons, and other human-touch controls, scanned RFID tags. Your solution can even control the outer world by switching lights and other electrical devices or moving motors. Even if your business deals with thy physical world, you can manage and monitor your processes using your FileMaker solution automatically.


We can integrate FileMaker with anything

This page lists only a small selection of the most valuable integrations we have implemented for ourselves or our customers. Within the over 15 years in business we also integrated FileMaker solutions with a wide range of other technologies, including:

  • Digital scales
  • Professional sports devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Custom Internet protocols
  • Heavy Duty Mail servers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Label printers
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe InDesign
Ohaus SmarterMail MailChimp TimeTech
Summit TopCon Symbol Koamtac

Contact us to ask how we can integrate YOUR specific technology with your FileMaker solution.

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