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24U FM Bench

Promise to yourself: No more compromises! Get the best performance out of FileMaker Pro by optimizing your solutions and achieve 100+% speed gains in almost no time.

  • D. Chandler

  • M. Wallace

I was Beta testing this product, and I can vouch for this! This beta didn’t even include the bottleneck finder, which by the looks of things is going to be the real useful part of this product. The asking price is worth it just for the plugin, let alone all of the useful programming HOnza and his team have done. Sure, you can create something similar to this by yourself (and I’ve tried!), but this is a very elegant solution that is a real value when compared to your development time and user satisfaction.

I look forward to working with your product. Optimizing is an art and you created a tool that should really help. We all take shortcuts at time in order to get coding done and sometimes this can be one of the main causes for bogging down a solution. I look forward to your product helping me find those areas that need tuning.

I have been able to implement a quick and dirty analysis of my solution under development, and after reviewing videos of your presentation at the Pause on Error conference ( very interesting stuff ) your analysis tool appears to be fairly mature for snapshotting the log file and presenting script analysis and debug point information. I have logs being generated, FM Analyzer installed, and data ready for review. Now it’s over to me to get optimising!! thanks for your efforts!

Optimization is a great thing, and I think greatly undervalued. A lot of times we, developers, do not have the time to go through a finished solution and optimize it unless there’s a complaint that we react to. FMBench will hopefully help us be more proactive.

I’m in the same boat with a vertical market solution that I’ve been developing for a company for 5 years now. It is so inefficient!! I will be rebuilding from the ground up and I want to know what to avoid when rebuilding it.

It’s funny – I actually did this for myself about six months back when I had performance issues… I never developed a good interface for me to analyze my own data – I just perused through the data to get a feel for where my bottlenecks were. So I was intrigued by your solution since I saw the Analyzer in the video. Plus, you grab more info than I do, which could be useful.

I keep track of my Custom Functions in a database. When a Custom Function is revised, I compare some “Sample In” results to previous “Sample out” results to see if I have caused an error during the revision. I also want to compare the execute times to the previous revision. That lets me know if I have optimized or slowed down the Custom Function. I used to use “Extra Suites” on the Mac for this but it was very cumbersome as I had to find and remove my own overhead. I could only get an approximate overhead value. FM Bench will be ideal to re-implement this in a clean manner.

I’ve been following the whole optimisation area for some time and have done plenty in the past including getting scripts that took 8 hours or so to run in less than a minute. Its fascinating in it’s own right as well as being hugely beneficial to the solution users. Enjoyed your presentation at POEX London last year by the way.

Have used it on a ‘template’ set I am creating for myself and proved that my instincts were correct – creating a set of merge substitution strings for just over 4000 contacts – down from 44 secs to 14 secs!

I purchased FM Bench this past February to implement into a legacy PLANet Systems Group FileMaker solution that was initially built back in 1997… You all have saved us, the developers and the client, the users a considerable amount of time in making the Sales Application better.  Not just from the code (optimization) part, but also the Business Process and End-User reviews and training. I will now be implementing FM Bench into each of our new solutions since it is invaluable to have it in place to use when necessary to audit and optimize…
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24U FM Bench is a complete optimization solution

We spent years trying to find out how to make our own solution perform faster. We tried everything to improve its performance, from replacing server hardware to deferring complex tasks to nightly server-side scripts. Then we revealed the Marvelous Optimization Formula and discovered a simple 4-step process that let us boost the overall speed of our system by hundreds of percent with only minimum effort. So we created FM Bench to support this process and optimize any FileMaker solution’s performance. And now we are sharing this tool, together with our knowledge, with you…

Detective benchmarks your solution.

It measures how long everything takes and stores the measured values in a log for further analysis.

Session Browser lets you examine individual user sessions.

You can see every single action that was measured within each session and how long FileMaker spent executing it.

Bottleneck Finder finds the bottleneck of your solution.

It calculates the total time spend within each script over a specific time period and tells you which script consumed the largest part.

Reporter reports the progress of your optimization.

It helps you to see your results and proof them to your peers, your boss, and your customer.

You can easily print your optimization report and attach it to your invoice.


System Requirements



Version History

Compatibility with FileMaker Pro 15 May 15, 2016

  • Version 15 of the FileMaker platform has been released.
  • 24U FM Bench was tested on this platform and it is fully compatible; no update is necessary.

Compatibility with FileMaker Pro 14 May 13, 2015

  • Version 14 of the FileMaker platform has been released.
  • We have tested 24U FM Bench on this platform and it is fully compatible; no update is necessary.

Version 1.2.1 March 9, 2015

  • A fix for customers who prefer to host the 24U FM Bench Analyzer on a FileMaker Server.

Version 1.2 December 16, 2014

  • Full support of FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Server 13
  • Stability and compatibility improvement
  • New version of Toolbox Plug-In with auto installation included
  • Bottleneck Finder – highlighted items with long waiting time (>30s)
  • Improved ability to benchmark solutions running on FileMaker Go
  • Improved time settings in Session Browser

Version 1.1 August 2, 2012

  • added support for benchmarking FileMaker Go solutions
  • added native files for FileMaker Pro 12
  • added FMBench_Log file validity check

Version 1.0.1 February 13, 2012

  • Improved handling of non-US timestamps
  • Added ability to benchmark recursive custom functions
  • Improved handling of special characters in script names and parameters

Version 1.0 February 2, 2012

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