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Visit us at DevCon 2017


As you surely know by now, FileMaker DevCon is going to Phoenix this year and the 24U’s award-winning team will be there again, ready to help you. We have an amazing breakthrough to present there. Read along below and we hope to see you in Phoenix…

devcon 2017

We have spent over 17 years taking care of our customers, mostly through FileMaker® solutions. On our journey we have had to cross many boundaries. We crossed country borderlines both physically and over the internet to reach to customers around the whole world. Now we’re coming back to the FileMaker DevCon as the year before to share our experience with you to help your solution sustain and GROW along with your BUSINESS.

Join our long list of happy global customers , such as K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines support group based in Turkey , Inter-Community School Zürich from Switzerland, CKBE (Vida Vacations) from Mexico, Hollywood film productions shooting in United Kingdom, O.T.E.C. International providing freight transportation services across Europe, and many more companies worldwide

Find us easily by looking for the booth number 1 which you can recognize by the following banner:

Come to see us at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2017…

Arachnophobia and Selector-Connector-Phobia Can Improve Performance

We have reached an amazing breakthrough and don’t want to leave you without knowing about our most valuable discovery of this year. So we will share more details with you in our session.

After successfully optimizing our system by converting its relational model from “spider web” to “anchor/buoy”, we did some serious testing. Results of our tests have proved that relational model can have significant impact on performance and even the new popular Selector Connector technique can slow down your solution just by being there, even if you don’t use it.

Make sure to plan for attending HOnza’s session on Tuesday, July 25 at 2:15pm, or even schedule a personal consultation with HOnza if you think these discoveries may affect your business.

Reserve a free consultation with the award-winning team

HOnza Koudelka can’t wait to tell you more about our testing and help you with your optimizations. Click the button below to reserve a 30-minute consultation spot ahead of time* to ensure he will dedicate part of his time to helping just you.

We look forward to meeting you!

devcon 2017

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