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24U SimpleTalk Plug-In Overview

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In allows FileMaker to use the TCP/IP protocol for communicating with other TCP/IP capable applications

  • Communicate through TCP/IP
  • Act as a server/client
  • Connect via Telnet

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  • Jeff England

  • Peter Wagemans

  • Tim Curtin


Communicate through TCP/IP

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In enables your FileMaker Pro to communicate with other applications or devices through the TCP/IP protocol. It connects any TCP/IP capable applications, such as those created with Real Basic or Runtime Revolution.

Interface your solutions with anything you want, simple apps, other solutions or even produciton lines.

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Act as a server/client

With 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In, you can make your FileMaker Pro to act like a server or a client. The server waits for a TCP/IP connection, and then performs custom commands or calculations sent from the client.

Setup unique FileMaker solutions capable of working when contacted by other FileMakers through our plug-in.

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Connect via Telnet

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In allows you or your customers to connect to your solutions via Telnet, a protocol through which you can communicate via a terminal.

Let your solutions work wherever you are, making them available to work even when you or your customers aren’t next to the computer the solutions are running on.

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SimpleTalk 2

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2

  • Added support for 64-bit architecture
  • No delay after closing a server
  • Function STalk_set visible in FM calculation dialogs
  • Improved parsing parameters passed to STalk_Connect
  • Improved license registration interface
Plugins 64bit

Added support for 64-bit architecture

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2 now works on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, making it fully compatible with all flavors of FileMaker Pro 15 and 16.

You can upgrade to the most recent version of FileMaker Pro as soon as you are ready. 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2 will simply work with it, letting you to keep your solutions connected.

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No delay after closing a server

You are now able to immediately start to listening on the same port without waiting when you close a server with 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2.

This lets you to resume your work instantly if for example you accidentally quit the server.

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Function STalk_Set visible in FM calculation dialogs

With 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2, we made the STalk_Set function fully functional, letting you modify encoding on your server or bring FileMaker to front.

Modify your server’s encoding on the fly.

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Improved parsing parameters passed to STalk_Connect

In 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2, we have improved the STalk_Connect function to be more customizable with more parameters to choose from, such as a timeout or idle value.

Setup your connection in any way you want, so that you can achieve the best results.

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Plug-in Functions

  • STalk_Version( { versionFormat } )
  • STalk_Register( selector )
  • STalk_StartServer ( port { ; protocol } { ; datahandler { ; openhandler { ; closehandler }}} { ; encoding } { ; terminator } )
  • STalk_StopServer ( serverID )
  • STalk_Connect ( host ; port { ; protocol } { ; datahandler { ; closehandler} } { ; encoding } { ; terminator } { ; timeout { ; idle } } )
  • STalk_Disconnect ( serverID )
  • STalk_Send ( host; port { ; protocol } { ; encoding } { ; terminator } { ; autoconvert { ; local_terminator } }{ ; timeout } ; data )
  • STalk_Send ( connectionID { ; encoding } { ; terminator } ; data )
  • STalk_Receive ( connectionID { ; encoding } { ; terminator } { ; timeout } )
  • STalk_Get( selector { ; connectionOrServerID } )
  • STalk_Set( selector { ; connectionOrServerID } ; newValue )

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System Requirements

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In 2 requires the following combination of operating system and FileMaker software versions to run:

Recommended configuration:

  • Mac OS X: Any Intel Mac, 4 GB RAM, macOS High Sierra 10.13 or newer, FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced or newer.
  • Windows: Dual Core 1.6 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 or newer, FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced or newer.

Minimum requirements:

  • Mac OS X: Mac with 2 GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and FileMaker Pro 12
  • Windows: 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista, FileMaker Pro 12

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