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We can help you to

  • Identify hidden issues to let you sleep rested
  • Clean-up your code to save on future development costs
  • Create new builds for both 32-bit and 64-bit to stay current with FileMaker
  • Thoroughly test the new builds to ensure it performs well
  • Take care of future development to remain up-to-date

Identify issues

As a natural part of our custom development services, when taking over someone else’s code, we always carefully analyze the code to discover any hidden issues that may not be apparent at the moment but can easily catch you off guard when you don’t resolve them soon enough.

By being aware of dangerous issues your code may be facing you can resolve the critical ones and sleep at night, knowing that your users won’t have to contact you with unexpected complaints or support requests.

Tidy up your code

We always develop in team, having at least two developers involved in every single project, so keeping code clean and easy to understand is a natural part of our processes. So if we take your plug-in over from its current or past developer, the first thing we do after analyzing it and identifying any potential issue is at least some level of spring cleaning.

Cleaner code will make it easier and less expensive to maintain your plug-in in the future, regardless of whether you keep utilizing our services or take it back from us under your own control.


Create new builds for 32 and 64 bits

We have gained a lot of experience updating our and our customers’ plug-ins for the 64-bit architecture since FileMaker Server 12 was released with its 64-bit web publishing engine. By always focusing on reliability and stability we learned how to update plug-ins for the newest versions of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server properly without compromising stability of the FileMaker infrastructure itself. Now we’re ready to offer that service to you as well.

The whole IT world is moving towards 64-bit architectures, FileMaker not being an exception. Employing 24U to build solid new versions of your plug-in will get you ready for the next FileMaker upgrade without your essential plug-in holding you off by not being updated in time or not being reliable enough for production.

Thoroughly test the new builds

Unlike most other solution and plug-in developers, we employ a team of full-time software testers to ensure the highest possible quality of our outcome. Taking advantage of our experience with providing outsourced software testing to large financial institutions, we’ll make sure your plug-in is properly tested before we let you deploy the new builds in a production environment.

Having new version of your plug-in properly tested by professional software testers will minimize the risk of critical bugs causing issues in your production and your users will be able to focus on their work rather than testing and complaining about your buggy software.


Maintain your plug-in in long term

Our work is done when our customer is happy but life is about change and future will surely bring new requirements and challenges. We can take care of your plug-in’s development in a long term and help you to keep up with new trends, technologies and your business growth.

By keeping your plug-in fresh and current you will remain ready to respond promptly not only to new versions of FileMaker or operating systems, but also to new business opportunities.


Don’t hesitate and GET STARTED NOW

See what our customers say about our custom development services, then get in touch with us, and get started with your plug-in update. Get ready for the future now!
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