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Transformation Overview

SAMR Model was invented by Dr. Puentedura to help teachers to discover possibilities of modern technology usage in education. After applying this model to business we found out that we have experience with all 4 levels. Thanks to that

we are able to provide you with a custom solution on the level of enhancement or transformation that best suits your actual situation.

SAMR (Substitution-Augmentation-Modification-Redefinition) Model helps to evaluate how big changes have been achieved by implementing a new technology. Once you realize differences between the four levels and make the right decision which level fits your situation best,

you will be able to effectively get the most out of any new technology.



Substitution is just a replacement of one tool by another one which does not bring any change to processes, only enhancements, such as acceleration, reduction, etc. We choose it in cases when a particular current process works well and is not a weakness of the whole solution.

We will not expose our customer to the useless risk that something that works at the moment could stop working.


Teplárna Strakonice (Strakonice heating plant) demanded help with conversion of their information system to FileMaker 11 when further development became too inefficient in FileMaker 6. Because the system itself worked great, only a replacement of the old tool (FileMaker 6) with a new one (FileMaker 11) was chosen on the base of our recommendation, without changes in processes.

The heating plant could immediately resume its operation after the conversion without problems, and start developing new features later without a threat to its core business.



We talk about augmentation when we do not change processes but introducing a new technology lets us achieve better outputs. We work at this level when the current process is functional but its outputs need to be enhanced.

Thus we don’t break anything that works, users do not have to learn new procedures, but our customer still gains a new value.


Dartin, a distributor of medical instruments, needed to enhance their system of service inspections evidence to clearly indicate condition of individual devices. Because the existing process worked great, we did not change it, we just extended the system by the necessary indication and monitoring of data consistency.

Dartin obtained an opportunity to reliably plan the compulsive service well in advance while key users could keep working as they were used to.



Modification is the way of technology usage in which a processes gets changed significantly. If the current process does not work properly or if it is not efficient enough, we will implement a solution that includes such a process change, e. g. by changing the order of or completely omitting some steps.

This method allows us to fix up or optimize a key process without a fundamental influence on other processes or structure of the company.

  • Vladislav Ptašnik

    Vladislav Ptašnik

Employees of CompoTech PLUS s. r. o., a manufacturer of composite materials from carbon fiber, unnecessarily repeated the same data entry to multiple different systems. By integrating the systems we completely eliminated unnecessary data inputs from the process.

Thanks to that the planning process of production is more effective, and there are no more human mistakes caused by redundant manual data entry.



On this highest level, new technology allows for creating new processes, activities and outputs which were not possible before. If your current system already cannot keep up with your business growth, we will go back to the roots, and create new processes almost like when starting a new business.

This will open you up new possibilities and you will get ahead of your competition.

  • Justin Owen

    Justin Owen

As an example, we have helped our customer, who provides services for high end Hollywood film productions, to completely redefine some film production processes. During our long-term collaboration together, we introduced new, previously unconceivable, processes, such as an automated access rights management on the basis of their contract status. Therefore,

the production’s information security has dramatically increased, while saving human labour at the same time.

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