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24U Phone Companion – Compatible phone systems

24U Phone Companion uses ilink TeamCall Lite as a middleware to communicate with your PBX. TeamCall Lite is a limited addition of TeamCall and is available in 2 modification. TeamCall Express only works on Windows with TAPI drivers installed and connects to the PBX via USB or serial port. TeamCall Server is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux and connects to the PBX via TCP/IP.

Bellow you can find more information about many PBX (Private branch exchange) 24U Phone Companion is compatible with.

If your PBX is not listed bellow don’t worry and contact us. We can find the best way for you or help you some other way.

– SuccessfullyTested – Likely Compatible – Likely incompatible – Incompatible
The above list indicates the current known compatibility status and operating system support for PBX models which we have already checked or are checking against compatibility with TeamCall and 24U Phone Companion. If your PBX model is not listed at all, please contact us to find out if 24U Phone Companion will work with your PBX. Last update: 2015-05-27
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