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Premium Support includes:

  • priority telephone and email support
  • a phone number to call our support team directly will be available on your purchase email confirmation
  • remote access services
  • fast and secure method of allowing a support technician to access your computer, identify the issue, and resolve it
  • custom quick-fix builds
  • if you report a serious issue with our software that does not have a workaround, we’ll address the issue by sending you a custom build of our product without you having to wait for a public update

Program Overview

The Premium Support program provides 12 months of services. 24U will contact you within 30 days of expiration to notify you that your service will be renewed. You will have the option to renew or cancel the service at that time.


Premium Support is available on per license basis. When you buy multiple licenses or multiple activations you will need to purchase the same amount of Premium Support subscriptions.

Effective date

You will have access to our support team and your Premium Support Service immediately after purchase for 12 months.

Response Times

24U will make reasonable efforts to respond to a Support Service request within 8 business hours from Monday through Friday, between 8 AM – 5 PM CET (GMT+1) excluding holidays*

*24U, s.r.o. observes the following Czech Republic’s holidays: New Year’s Day,  Easter Monday, Labour Day (1. 5.), Victory Day (8. 5.), Day of Slavic apostles (5. 7.), Jan Hus burning Day (6. 7.), Day of Czech Statehood (28. 9.), Independent Czechoslovak State’s Day (28. 10.), Day of fighting for freedom and democracy (17. 11.), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Technical Support Contact Methods

  • Some of the ways you can get support:
  • visit our Support website and use our support form
  • browse our Support Forum
  • send us an e-mail or use Skype, AIM, iMessage
  • give us a call

What To Expect When You Contact 24U Premium Support


You can speak directly to one of our experts by calling the phone number provided on your purchase confirmation. A Support Specialist will ask for your Premium Support reference (order) number or product serial number. Once your account is verified, the Support Specialist will also confirm your email and phone number on record.

A support case will be started and the Support Specialist will ask for information about your operating system, and product version. A case number will be provided to you for your records. If a technician is available, your case and call will be transferred to a technician.If a technician is not available, we will do our best to provide a call back when one is available or within 8 business hours.

Online Support

To submit a case online, please go to our support page.Once we receive your case, it will be given the highest priority. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, and within 8 business hours.

What is NOT covered in Premium Support Services

Note that Premium Support is just for troubleshooting technical issues with our product. For product training, we offer you ability to order a paid training or consultations.

To learn how to use 24U FM Bench you can start with our training videos. To learn how to use our other products see the documentation bundled with each product’s free trial download.

We guarantee support for the latest software versions, BUT we’ll try to help even if our customer needs to use an older version of our product for some reason.

We will do our best to support our product with 3rd party hardware/software. If an issue is indeed in our software or if you will need to contact the 3rd party hardware/software manufacturer, we will troubleshoot and confirm it. However, Premium Support coverage does not include the support of customizations developed by 3rd party business entities regardless of the interconnectivity to 24U products.

To order additional support or guidance beyond what’s offered as part of our Premium Support subscription, please visit http://www.24usoftware.com/DevSupport.


  1. A support incident is resolved when you receive information (notice):
  2. that resolves the problem,
  3. on how to obtain a 3rd party software solution that will resolve the problem,
  4. that the problem is caused by a known, unresolved issue or an incompatibility issue with a supported product,
  5. that identifies the problem as being resolved by updating or upgrading to a newer release of the supported product.
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