24U SimpleSound Plug-In Release Notes

This is a brief history of important changes across released versions.


- Support for Apple Silicon/M1 processors


- Updated license handling/and activation for eSellerate end-of-life
- Minor performance and FileMaker 18 compatibility improvements


- Plug-in binaries for Mac and Windows are now code-signed


- Fixed issue causing crash on macOS 10.13 High Sierra


- ID3 tags in MP3 files can now be read and written on FileMaker Server as well
- Added Support for ID3 Tag APIC (allows to add/extract pictures into/from MP3)
- Added Support for ID3 TIT2 tags longer than 30 characters
- Added inline documentation
- Fixed crashes when setting ID3 USLT tags


- Added support for 64-bit FileMaker® Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced
- Playback functionality completely rewritten, few issues fixed in the process
- Quicktime framework dropped, Windows version now uses DirectShow, Mac version uses AV Foundation
- Added support for more ID3 tags
- Added documentation of possible error codes
- Removed recording functionality
- Removed palindrome playback option
- Improved registration process


- Works with FileMaker 11.0 and 12.0
- Works with FileMaker 13.0 except recording on Mac


- Plug-In crashes FileMaker Pro on exit when registered via dialog
- Memory leak when recording to the container fixed
- Pausing playback does not cause crashes


- Runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs
- Works with FileMaker 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5
- Values of ID3 tags can be read and written
- Sounds can be played back from a container instead of an external file
- Sounds can be recorded to a container instead of an external file
- Both playback and recording can be paused and resumed later
- Playback can be started from a specified offset
- Current playback or recording offset can be obtained
- Sound files can be specified with several types of paths, such as FileMaker path or URL to a local file
- Plenty of sound properties, such as length, format, sample size and sampling rate can be obtained
- When playing multiple sounds at once, specified sound can be stopped or paused or resumed


- improved stability when playing MP3 for a longer time
- recording to file and to memory has been improved on Windows
- synchronous playback can be interupted by pressing ESC on Windows and Cmd+. on Mac
- deep paths > 255 characters supported on Mac OS X


- improved overal stability on computers connected to network
- improved stability of registration on Mac OS 9
- single registration code generated for all plug-ins in a pack is now recognized


- the plug-in is now fully functional in FileMaker 7
- initialization and registration of the plug-in is much faster now


- background sounds/music can now be looped
- developer license splash dialog display can now be disabled
- developer license splash dialog is now displayed at quit time


- added sound recording capabilities
- standardized syntax to use a single PlaySound function
- files can be referenced by relative and absolute paths
- audio files can be anywhere on the user's hard disk
- all QuickTime-supported audio formats (including MP3) can be played on all platforms
- improved stability of asynchronous sound playback
- completely new tutorial
- pre-configured 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller is now part of the distribution
- registering the plug-in with a developer license now causes a splash dialog to appear


- added asynchronous (background) sound playback capability


- added compatibility with FileMaker 5.5 on Mac OS X


- initial release