24U SimpleHASP Release Notes

This is a brief history of important changes across released versions.


- Added Hosting friendly function


- Support for Apple Silicon/M1 processors


- Minor performance and FileMaker 18 compatibility improvements


- Plug-in binaries for Mac and Windows are now code-signed


- The distribution archive now includes HASP Admin Plug-In (used for key management in Windows)
- The distribution archive now includes SimpleHaspAdmin solution
- Fixed issue with empty set_id in function SHasp_Get


- Added support for 64-bit FileMaker® Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced
- Legacy Aladdin HASP API replaced with current Sentinel HASP API
- Custom build of the plug-in is now needed for each new series of dongles
- Removed vendor_code parameter and replaced with 24U-provided set_id
- SHasp_Get now differentiates between session-info, key-info and update-info
- Default memory file changed to Read/Write (65524)
- Added detailed documentation of possible error codes
- The documentation now contains real usage examples


- All field/data types can be read/written/encrypted, including containers
- Non-english Unicode characters are now encrypted correctly
- SHasp_Read now correctly returns data without extra random characters


- initial release