Manual for Linea or Infinea device

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Connecting the Linea or Infinea device

To successfully connect the Linea or Infinea device it is necessary to call function Gonector_Connect( "LineaInfinea" ) and press a hardware button. For Linea Pro 7 it is the button on the right hand side of the device.

Connection troubleshooting guide

Solving issues with Linea or Infinea device


LineaInfinea stripe key guide

To manipulate the key for stripe reading you have two functions: Gonector_Set( "deviceStripeKey" ; ... ) and Gonector_Set( "connectionStripeKey" ; ... ).
Function Gonector_Set( "deviceStripeKey" ; ... ) stores the StripeKey directly in the device and so the plugin has no access to this key.
After every Gonector_Connect function you should set the same key with function Gonector_Set("connectionStripeKey" ; ... ) for stripe reading.
In fact the StripeKey is not used to decrypt the card. The StripeKey is used as a "Loading key" and at the same time a random session key is created and stored in the device and the plugin.
The StripeKey is never stored in the plugin.
Like this the plugin does not know the StripeKey and the user does not know the session key.
The device knows both keys and is able to provide handling for both keys.
As soon as the function Disconnect is called the session key disappears.
Those mechanics are provided by the device and they serve to protect the credit card data.
The plugin was designed to comply with those rules.

How to use the StripeKey:

Note: You don't need to set the deviceStripeKey anymore unless it becomes reasonable according to PCI compliance.