Manual for Scales


Connecting the BlueSnapAdapter

To successfully connect the BlueSnapAdapter device it is necessary to unplug the device from all cables and press the connect button.
As soon as the flash light is blinking you can use the Gonector_Connect function. After couple of seconds the light should be steadily switched on. This is the sign that the device was connected. If the name of the device is not known you can use the function Gonector_Get( "devices" ) to locate the name of the device. The scales themselves must be set up in plugin with a "scaleReadCommand" and "scaleWeightPattern". To set these you need to use function Gonector_Set.

BlueSnap Smart - Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) to RS232 Adapter setup

Scales Hardware Setup

LESAK J1-RWP - Gonector_SetScriptEvent setup (needs to be manual)

LESAK J1-RWP - Gonector_Read setup (needs to be manual)

Traveler TA301 OHAUS - general setup