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Here’s an exact copy of the testimonial letter we received from our good client. We are glad that this story proves that core principles 24U FM Bench is built around can be applied in real life to significantly optimize not only computer software code, but also business processes and users behavior.
Dear 24U Software, I would like to express my sincere thanks and congratulations on a job well done with FM Bench. I purchased FM Bench this past February to implement into a legacy PLANet Systems Group FileMaker solution that was initially built back in 1997. That was many FileMaker versions ago, since we started the development in FileMaker 3.  The application, a Sale Management system, has been the backbone for managing Company Contacts, Sales Activities, Price Quotes and Work Orders for Mountain Lumber in Central Virginia since its deployment 16 years ago. Over those years there has been a great amount of functionality added to the application since ‘functionality breeds more requests.  Also the introduction of new functionality within FileMaker with it’s version releases has allowed for a fair amount of re-programming to better utilize new scripts steps and custom functions. As you all can well imagine, this made for a large application with a fair amount of code (scripts) that were un-used and this is where FM Bench comes in! After implementing FM Bench into the solution, we were able to see: (1) Which scripts were being used and which were not. (2) We were able to audit the speed of the code and optimize in the code that FM Bench brought to our attention After basically living and breath in FM Bench during this audit of the code, we realized that the application afforded us two more very important pieces of information that didn’t as much have to do with code as it did with the end-users and their interactions with the code. (3) We were able to watch the Business Process being used by the End-Users in their day-to-day use of the application (4) We were able to review the End-Users actual use of the system. Note: In one particular case, we saw that of the Sales persons using the system, the one with the highest amount of script calls (day-to-day use) had the highest sales, where the one with the least amount of calls, had the lower. We also were able to determine in auditing the FM Bench logs, that one End-User simply needed to be trained on how to better use the application since they were adding an un-necessary step into their Price Quote creation. With all this said, I want to again express my sincere thanks to the developers of FM Bench!  You all have saved us, the developers and the client, the users a considerable amount of time in making the Sales Application better.  Not just from the code (optimization) part, but also the Business Process and End-User reviews and training. I will now be implementing FM Bench into each of our new solutions since it is invaluable to have it in place to use when necessary to audit and optimize: Code within the Application Business Processes used through-out the Application End-User connectivity with the Application From our PLANet Systems Group FileMaker Development to yours, ‘THANK YOU’! Sincerely, Dean and the PSG Team —————————————– Dean Bedford President & Founder PLANet Systems Group Virtually Your World www.planetsg.com —————————————–
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