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  • Joe Byrne

24U Phidgets Remote Overview

24U Phidgets Remote is the first iPhone/iPad app that allows you to control and monitor Phidgets devices connected to the network using a variety of control layouts. You can connect your iPhone or iPad to a phidget via LAN, or even via VPN. This app will effectively let your iPhone or iPad interact with the physical world around.
We also offer development of custom control layouts, so if you need to control a phidget or set of phidgets for which the currently available layouts are not sufficient, we can craft a custom layout with a set of controls specific to your setup. With 24U Phidgets Remote you can:
  • switch and control electrical devices simply by a tap
  • read values from distant environmental sensors on the go
  • use your iPhone or iPad to read and write RFID tags
  • rotate servo motors by swiping your finger across your iPhone’s display

Switch and control electrical devices

Using 24U Phidgets Remote with some flavor of PhidgetInterfaceKit your iPhone or iPad can switch signals, turn electrical devices on or off, and discover whether a device is turned on or off. You can switch off lights, turn on air condition, or any other electrical device, right from your iPhone or iPad, whether it’s at home, in your office, or just in the opposite corner of the same room.

Read values from environmental sensors

24U Phidgets Remote makes your iPhone or iPad read values from thermometers, pH sensors, light sensors, or any other environmental sensors connected to Phidgets I/O boards on the network. You can easily use your iPhone or iPad to check your home climate, outside weather, plant field conditions, data center’s temperature, or whatever environmental information, that’s critical for your business or life.

Read and write RFID tags

You can use 24U Phidgets Remote to read and write RFID tags using the PhidgetRFID board connected to the network. Whether you are using RFID tags to identify goods, animals, or people, or to provide employees an easy monitored way to access restricted areas, 24U Phidgets Remote lets you check and configure these tags from your iPhone or iPad, over Wi-Fi.

Rotate servo motors

24U Phidgets Remote supports also the PhidgetAdvancedServo controller, so it can remotely control servo motors. Whether you use it for as simple tasks as rotating window shades, or as complex jobs as controlling live entertainment performance scenes, controlling servo motors lets you truly move stuff in the physical world just by touching the display of your iPhone or iPad.

How it works

Phidgets are a system of low-cost electronic components and sensors designed and produced by Phidgets Inc., that are usually controlled by a personal computer. 24U Phidgets Remote lets you interact with these devices from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To access your Phidgets boards using 24U Phidgets Remote you need to connect them either to the Phidgets SBC, or to a computer with the Phidget WebService installed. 24U Phidgets Remote supports the PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 out of the box, all boards in Phidget Starter Kit #1 and support for other Phidgets boards can be obtained via in-app purchase. If you don’t find your favorite Phidget supported yet, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will either consider adding its support for everyone or offer a custom-built control layout tailored to your needs.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Phidgets Inc. has released a new product line featureing a new interface called VINT. We are glad to see the new invention as it makes the Phidgets devices more versatile and more affordable. Unfortunately, the new interface requires new drivers and the new drivers require us to build a completely new version of Phidgets Remote to support it. We are already working on the version but it will still take some time before we can release it. For the current version please make sure that you install the Phidget21 drivers and that you use the Phidget21 devices only, not the new VINT devices. Click here to get the Phidget21 drivers.
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