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FileMaker Solution Optimization

Don’t bother with all the optimization stuff and let us simply do it all.

We’ll take your solution and return it to you significantly faster. If we fail we’ll give you your money back.

We’ll use FM Bench to benchmark and optimize your solution but you will not need a license.

We’ll need to spend some time to learn how your solution works and how it is designed so we don’t expect the first optimization to take less than a week worth of our time but we’re unlikely going to need more time to at least identify your solution’s bottleneck and propose the way to optimize it.

In any case we suggest that you first schedule a call with our sales rep to outline your goals and requirements and verify that this service is the right fit for your situation.

If you have already agreed on the project scope with us or simply want to prepay the first week of work to start with and pay as we go further, please feel free to select the amount of optimization effort you want to order, and proceed to payment.

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