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Custom Development Overview

We are ready to create a new or modify your existing FileMaker database solutions, mobile business applications, and other business solutions, from helping you to exactly identify your real needs, to taking care of your solutions in a long term.

Unlike many other companies whose services are often limited, to analysis, development, and deployment, we provide the complete service to to let you focus on growing your business. Our custom development process includes:

  • Identifying issues to be certain what’s important
  • Defining requirements so that we know what to develop
  • Analysis and design to build clear joint expectations of the result
  • Development itself that turns the designed solution to an existence
  • Implementation and integration to make the solution fit in your environment
  • Thorough testing ensures high quality and reliability
  • Deployment so that you can immediately start using it
  • Training your staff to work smoothly and efficiently
  • Support and maintenance to let you sleep rested
  • Continueous development to keep up with your business growth

What our customers say

I could not have been more satisfied with the whole process of having a custom development undertaken by 24U. The sales and technical staff were responsive, customer oriented and thoroughly professional. The work was completed… read more

  • Justin Owen

  • Jeff England


Identifying issues

You may not know everything you need until it’s too late to avoid damage. Many software issues are not apparent and don’t show up until they have caused troubles. We will analyze you current solution, processes and goals, and identify your real needs.

By understanding your business processes and goals we can be certain what issues are really important to resolve, so that we can help you to define your requirements.

Defining requirements

Many customers come with requirements that are not complete or do not address their most important issues and goals. We will help you to define complete and clear requirements for your software solution, that will be in line with your real business needs and priorities.

We will help you to know exactly what you want to make sure that every single cent you invest in our services makes sense and pays off.

Defining requirements
Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design

Before starting the development we will analyze your current situation and requirements, propose the solution, and create a prototype for you to review. After you approve the prototype we will prepare an exact technical specification of the desired solution, including acceptance criteria, which will be again subject to your approval.

By working based on mutually agreed exact specificaion we will be able to clarify any misunderstandings in your goals and requirements in the early stage of development, so most of the solution can match your expectations on the first attempt.


We always develop in team and assign at least 2 developers with similar expertise to every project, depending on technologies involved. To accomplish this we always keep enough developers on staff for every technology we work with, including FileMaker certified developers, FileMaker plug-in developers, mobile app developers, web developers, and software testers. During development we maintain strong focus on reliability, stability, security, and robustness of the solutions we develop.

Team work guarantees multiple opinions and cleaner code. At least 2 developers with the same qualification involved in every project will provide redundancy for the case of illness, holidays or other unexpected situations.

Implementation and Integration

Implementation and Integration

We’ll not only develop the functionality you need but will also make it work within your processes and environment and integrate them with your existing systems. We have a good experience integrating FileMaker solutions, mobile apps, and websites with other sofware systems, as well as with different kinds of hardware devices and solutions.

By having your new solution fit perfectly within your existing environment you can stay assured that you business will keep going smoothly when you start using the new features.

Thorough Testing

We employ a team of full-time software testers to ensure the highest possible quality of our outcome. Taking advantage of our experience with providing outsourced software testing to large financial institutions, we’ll make sure your solution is properly tested.

Having your software solution properly tested by our professional software testers will minimize the risk of critical bugs affecting users. You needn’t read negative reviews anymore.



We will install, configure, and deploy everything what is needed to make the solution work. In other words, we will not merely deliver you the car, but we will also start up the engine for you.

At the moment we finish our work, you can immediately start using the solution and benefit from the value it will give you.


After deploying your solution we will arrange initial training for your staff, so that everyone knows how to use the new solution properly. We also recommend repeating the user training after a lapse of time to remind your users on things they could forget.

With well trained staff you can prevent production delays, because everyone will know what to do and how to do it right.


Support and Maintenance

Even after you start using you solution, we will not let you down. If you need any help we are ready to provide support via email, phone, screen sharing, or even in person when necessary. We will “keep an eye on” your solution to ensure it keeps working correctly, your employees use it right and we will call your attention to any looming issues..

You can focus on your core business without worries, because you will know you can get timely support for your solution directly from the people who know how it works inside. By maintaining the solution in long term we will maximize the chances that any new issues are resolved effectively in time before they can cause any significant damage.

Continuous development

Our work is done when our customer is happy but life is about change and future will surely bring new requirements and challenges. We can take care of your solution’s development in a long term and help you to keep up with new trends, technologies and your business growth.

By keeping your solution fresh and current you will remain ready to respond promptly to new technologies, versions of operating systems or FileMaker, and keep up with your business growing and dealing with new opportunities. Keeping our developers constantly involved in your solution development will also make us more capable to support you if you have any immediate needs.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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