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24U Appearance OSAX Overview

24U Appearance OSAX is a scripting addition for Mac users that makes it easy for an AppleScript script writer to interact with user via dialogs, notifications, alerts, progress indicators, and floating messages, all without the need to use a complex tool, such as XCode, to create a regular app with a window-based graphical user interface.

24U Appearance OSAX allows you to:

  • Dynamically build up dialogs with input fields to easily prompt the user for data input
  • Use pop-up menus in your dialogs to simplify choosing values from predefined lists
  • Validate entered data directly in dialogs to avoid inconveniently re-appearing dialogs
  • Indicate progress via progress bar to keep user calm while waiting for your script to finish
  • Display floating messages to provide user with detailed runtime information, such as log

Display “better” dialogs with input fields


With 24U Appearance OSAX installed your script can display a dialog with all different kinds of input fields, such as text, password, checkbox, radio button, just by running a simple command “display better dialog” as easily as using the standard “display dialog” command.

Being able to gather multiple values with a single dynamically created dialog lets you able to create scripts that are easy to use without having to use complicated development tools.

Pop-up menus in your “better dialogs”


You can use pop-up menus as input fields in your dialogs, letting user to choose multiple values from pre-defined lists, still in a single dialog.

Using pop-up menus lets you present the user with multiple selection lists in a compact form of a single dialog box without making the script syntax any more complicated.

Credit card, SSN, SIN and regular expression validations


When prompting user for a text value input using “better dialog” you can request the entry to be a valid credit card number, SSN, SIN, or match a regular expression, and disallow dismissing the dialog with the default button until the validation succeeds.

Using in-dialog validations lets you ensure correct data entry in a convenient way, without having to verify the entered values in your script and re-displaying the dialog after the user enters an invalid information.

Floating progress indicators


24U Appearance OSAX lets your script easily display or update one or more floating windows with animated bar-style progress indicators to inform the user what’s currently happening in the script and when to expect the script to be done.

Being able to indicate progress so easily gives you a convenient way to prevent user’s frustration during long-lasting operations and helps you to quickly estimate then the script is about to finish its work.

Floating text messages

Float Window

Your scripts can use 24U Appearance OSAX to display even long chunks of text, such as logs, or debug information, in a convenient non-blocking floating windows. It takes just a single command to display a message and you can even update an existing message as easily.

This easy way to present user with a live-updating text information from within your script makes it easy to debug scripts, or create special-purpose scripts, such as status monitors.


OSAX Dictionary

24U Appearance OSAX extends the AppleScript language by defining the following new terms:

notificationn : Notification initiated by post notification command
Unicode text or menu item separatorn : Unicode text or constant ‘menu item separator’
window reference numbern : Integer associated with some window, element of class floating window
floating windown : A floating window
message windown [inh. floating window] : A text message floating window
message window propertiesn : Properties of the message window, which can be set by the ‘create message window’ command
progress indicatorn [inh. floating window] : A floating window with progress indicator
progress indicator propertiesn : Properties of the progress bar, which can be set by the ‘create progress indicator’ command
alert replyn : Reply record for display alert command
validation optionsn : record definning the validation of a field
better dialog replyn : Reply record for display better dialog command
better dialog fieldn : Field definition record for display better dialog command
display better alertv : Displays system’s standard alert
display better dialogv : Displays a dialog box with text fields, password fields, check boxes, radio buttons, and pop-up menus
post notificationv : Posts a notification using Notification Manager.
remove notificationv : Removes notification initiated by “post notification” statement.
create message windowv : Displays a text message in a new floating window.
update message windowv : Updates some properties of the specified message window.
close message windowv : Closes the specified message window(s) and disposes of any allocated memory.
create progress indicatorv : Displays a progress bar in a new floating window.
update progress indicatorv : Updates some properties of the specified progress indicator window.
close progress indicatorv : Closes the specified progress indicator window(s) and disposes of any allocated memory.
handle floating windowv : Sent to a script to process an event generated by a floating window
register Appearance OSAXv : Unlocks your copy of 24U Appearance OSAX
version of Appearance OSAXv : Returns version number of 24U Appearance OSAX

Click here to examine the whole dictionary

System Requirements

Recommended configuration:

Mac OS X: Intel Macintosh from year 2011 or newer with Mac OS X 10.9 Lion or newer (up to macOS 10.13 High Sierra)

Important: This product is currently not compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave because Mojave does no longer support scripting additions. If you are interested in funding Mojave upgrade of this product, please contact us.

Minimum requirements:

Mac OS X: Intel Macintosh from year 2006 with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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