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How to get your Affiliate ID

Thanks for your interest in promoting FM Bench! You’re only one step away from being able to get your referrals assigned to your name so that you can earn you commissions. You need your affiliate ID from eSellerate. There is no other way, so I’m sorry if you do not like eSellerate. We are going to sell FM Bench licenses through eSellerate and we are going to use eSellerate’s services to have all our partners paid their commissions. If you’re ready to start, then click here to apply for your Affiliate ID. As soon as you have your Affiliate ID, you can start promoting FM Bench by sharing links to this site with the “aid” parameter: http://fmbench.com/aid=AFL1049802128 (use your Affiliate ID instead of mine, of course) But don’t forget to send me your Affiliate ID, so that I can attach it to your name ;-) Looking forward to working with you, HOnza
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