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24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 4.0

Tool Tips, Coachmarks,
Roll-Overs & More Guidance
for your FileMaker Pro Solutions!

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This FileMaker Pro plug-in enables solution developers to use interactive help tools such as help tags (tool tips), coachmarks, or roll-over effects for layout objects and controls (data fields, buttons, pictures etc.). By providing these features, 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In now allows developers to create FileMaker Pro solutions with a really intuitive user interface!

    Help tag (tool tip) is a brief text message (help, tip, description) that appears when user moves the mouse pointer over an object or a hot rectangle.

    Coachmark is a colored oval drawn around an object that needs to be brought to user's attention.

    Roll-over effect is any recognizable (usually visible or audible) feedback to moving mouse pointer to/from a specific layout location.

What is new in the version 4:
  • Full HTML can be used to define content of the tooltip
  • Toltips can contain up to two buttons performing user-defined script
  • Script parameter can be specified to all user-defined scripts called from SimpleHelp
  • Parameters can be passed to scripts called from SimpleHelp
  • Tooltips can be attached to coordinates or object names
  • Coachmarks and persistent tags can be hidden after specified time
  • Stability improved
  • More than 3 coachmarks are now displayed properly on Windows

Primary functions:
  • Attach help tags (tool tips) to user interface elements
  • Ability to provide user with visible feedback known as roll-over effect
  • Display coachmarks (colored ovals) around layout objects
  • Involves almost no extra work in contrary to demos, manuals or training
  • Safe against status area hiding, window scrolling, text ruler, etc.
  • Define help tags quickly and easily with 24U SimpleHelp Utility
  • Auto Update savvy (24U Plug-In AutoInstaller included)
  • FileMaker 9 native plug-in

24U SimpleHelp Plug-In saves you time and money!
By adding help tags you your solutions, you free a lot of time you would normally spend answering tech support calls. 24U SimpleHelp Utility lets you implement help tags for a complex layout in minutes, much faster than any other kind of ducumentation, such as demos, tutorials, manuals, or trainings.

24U SimpleHelp Plug-In makes your customers happy!
Users are always happy for a good user interface. Integrating help tags into your solution involves almost no additional work, but it can double the satisfaction of your customers. Help tags also increase productivity of your users as they have necessary help at their fingertips.

24U SimpleHelp Plug-In understands your solution!
Don't bother with coordinates, don't be afraid of the status area, the text ruler, or toolbars. 24U SimpleHelp Utility will locate your layout objects, so the only thing you have to do is to write your help text.

24U SimpleHelp Plug-In is easy to use!
You can learn to use this plug-in and implement help for your complex solution in the very same day. For example, integrating 26 help tags into our example with 2 layouts took us only 10 minutes!

FileMaker Pro Compatibility:
Minimum requirements:
  • Power Macintosh G4 with Mac OS X 10.4 or newer, and FileMaker Pro 8.5
  • or
  • 1GHz PC with Microsoft Windows XP or newer, and FileMaker Pro 8.5
  • Attention: 24U SimpleHelp 3.2 is not compatible with FileMaker Pro 7.0, use 24U SimpleHelp 3.1 instead.

Type: shareware

FileMaker 11 Compatibility
Update for FM 11+ not available
The current version of this plug-in is not fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 11 and newer. You may experience issues especially on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later and Windows 7 or later.
We have stopped development of new versions until we get a good demand for it. If you have a valuable use for this plug-in with FileMaker Pro 11 or newer please contact us..

"This [24U SimpleHelp Plug-In] solves the most frequently asked question we've got for ecOrganizer over the last 2 years: where are the tiptools ?! Thanks on behalf of all our customers and future first-time users of ecOrganizer."
Dick Honing / ECXS, developer of ecOrganizer
"Your new plugin is GREAT!!! I love it!... ...I have wanted this functionality for a long time."
Mark Rubenstein / Easy As Pi
"This [24U SimpleHelp Plug-In] is GREAT STUFF! The whole Filemaker developer community was waiting for this."
Thierry Lavallée / 8P-Design

24U SimpleHelp Plug-in has been marked as "one of the most powerful interface plug-ins" in Matt Petrowsky's video "Interface Plugins with a Powerful Punch".

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  24U SimpleHelp Plug-In v4   English       $  
  Upgrade from previous version   English       $  
  24U SimpleHelp Plug-In v3   English       $  
  24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 2.0.4         $  
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Item   Notes   Files
24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 4.0   English, FileMaker Pro 8.5-10, Mac OS X   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn40.dmg
    English, FileMaker Pro 8.5-10, Windows   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn40.zip
24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 3.2.1   English, FileMaker Pro 8, Mac OS X   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn321.dmg
    English, FileMaker Pro 8, Windows   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn321.zip
24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 3.1   English, FileMaker Pro 7, Mac OS X   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn31.dmg
    English, FileMaker Pro 7, Windows   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn31.zip
24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 2.0.4   English, FileMaker Pro 4-6, Mac OS X, Mac OS   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn204.dmg
    English, FileMaker Pro 4-6, Windows   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn204.zip
    German, FileMaker Pro 4-6, Mac OS, Mac OS X   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn204DE.sit
    German, FileMaker Pro 4-6, Windows   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn204DE.exe
    French, FileMaker Pro 4-6, Mac OS, Mac OS X   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn204FR.sit
    French, FileMaker Pro 4-6, Windows   24uSimpleHelpPlugIn204FR.exe