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24U SimpleHASP Plug-In 1.1

Secure protection of your
intellectual property
easier than you can imagine!

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24U SimpleHASP Plug-In allows you to protect your FileMaker Pro solutions by using Aladdin HASP HL keys. With this plug-in, you can encrypt and decrypt data, read or write to the memory of the key, and get information about the key.

What is new in version 1.1:
  • All field data types can be read/written/encrypted, including containers
  • Non-english Unicode characters are now encrypted correctly
  • SHasp_Read now correctly returns data without extra random characters
  • Added utility and sample solution for easier implementation
Primary features:
  • Encrypts data via a HASP hardware key
  • Decrypt data via a HASP hardware key
  • Reads data from a HASP hardware key
  • Writes data to a HASP hardware key

You need at least one HASP HL hardware key to be able to utilize this plug-in. Please contact Aladdin to find your nearest reseller of HASP HL hardware keys.

Sample uses:
  • Flexible license management
    Store a license information/limitations to a hardware key, and supply the key to your customer. Make only the licensed features available to only a licensed number of users.

  • Safe user identification
    Instead of asking every user to remember his password, store usernames and passwords of your users to hardware keys, and let them log-in to your database by connecting a personal key to the USB port.

  • Strong data encryption
    Use the hardware key as a 128-bit encryption key, so that your confidential data cannot be read without connecting the key.

FileMaker Pro Compatibility:
Minimum requirements:
  • Power Macintosh G3 with Mac OS X 10.4.3, and FileMaker Pro 7v3 or newer
  • or
  • Pentium PC with Windows XP SP2 or newer, and FileMaker Pro 7v3 or newer
  • or
  • Macintosh with Intel processor, FileMaker Pro 8.5 or newer

Type: shareware

The #1 choice of software developers, and the ultimate in software protection and licensing flexibility.
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24U SimpleHASP Plug-In 1.1   FM Pro 7 - 11, Mac OS X   24uSimpleHASPPlugIn11.dmg
    FM Pro 7 - 11, Windows   24uSimpleHASPPlugIn11.zip