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24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.1.2

Displaying custom dialogs &
progress bars in FileMaker Pro
has never been so simple!

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24U SimpleDialog Plug-In allows FileMaker solutions to interact with users via professionally looking dialogs. Easily.

This version adds support for styled text in dialogs, improved performance, and several bugfixes and minor improvements. It comes with ready-to-use examples for both FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro 12. Download a free trial now and try the new version yourself.

What was fixed in versions 4.1.1 and 4.1.2

  • Resolved a security issue on Mac OS X
  • Multiple conflicting installations are now detected
  • Labels now use the OS font by default
  • Pressing Tab, ESC and Enter does not beep on Windows
  • Dialogs now open with correct focus on Windows
  • The minlines setting for list items now works on Windows

What was new in version 4.1

  • Full support for text styles in the dialog fields (except for color on Windows)
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Improved compatibility with FileMaker Pro 12
  • Added native examples in the FileMaker 12 file format
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Several minor improvements

What was new in version 4

  • Native for FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows 7
  • Dialogs can be updated on the fly
  • Popup menu's choices can be conditional on other dialog fields
  • Selection list as a new field type
  • Customizable text styles for better dialog readability
  • Validations work for all field types (text areas, pop-up menus)
  • Progress dialog does not block Script Debugger
  • Improved stability of progress dialogs

Main features

  • Custom dialogs with unlimited number of buttons
  • Input fields of the type text, password, checkbox, radio button, pop-up menu, selection list
  • Unlimited number of input fields and pop-up menu items
  • Static text and separators improve readability of your dialogs
  • Multi-line text area field can be used to edit long text
  • Dialog may take icon from a container field (any size)
  • Dialog look can be enhanced by picture from a container field
  • Multiple progress dialogs with text messages
  • Indefinite progress indicators (barber pole)
  • Customizable dialog title, position, width, icon, and timeout
  • Validation of any text field with a calculation or regular expression
  • Custom message can be displayed after unsuccessful validation
  • Optical optimization (dynamic sizing of dialogs)

Simplicity in the first place

  • Usage and syntax similar to a built-in "Show Custom Dialog"
  • Simpler dialogs require simpler syntax
  • Just one easy function for all kinds of dialogs
  • A tutorial with step-by-step instructions included

With the 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In you are able to display custom validation messages depending on the condition that has been violated. Fast and simple! See the the example!

Other benefits of 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In:

  • An easy implementation and even easier application
  • Cross platform plug-in (Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows)

FileMaker Pro Compatibility:

Optimized look and feel

  • Intelligent placement and sizing of dialog items
  • OS native looking dialogs

Note for registered users

Type: shareware

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Poll Results
SimpleDialog is the most used dialog plug-in for FileMaker Pro, according to our Twitter poll
Although only 32 people voted, we are glad to see that SimpleDialog got 11
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Prevent Support Calls
Read a real story about a real customer to find out how you can use SimpleDialog to prevent unnecessary support calls from your customers.
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"24U SimpleDialog remains, according to me, the best FileMaker Pro dialog Plug-In on the market. The hole 24U team always surpasses itself living up to their saying : "Software for People, not for computers". Congratulations once again!"
Ian Séguin / AT Experts
"The SimpleDialog plug-in works like a charm, even with runtime applications built with FileMaker Pro."
Chris Kubica, article in FileMaker Advisor, September 2003
"Thanks for a great plugin! Miles better than the Troi Dialog plugin I tried the demo of recently!"
Ben Bradley/Client database & web development
"I love using SimpleDialog in my solutions! The control it provides me, cannot be beat."
Dave Wheelock / Desktop Services, Inc.
"When developing solutions thanks to its potential, excellent cost-benefit and ease of use, SimpleDialog plugin is a part of my everyday tools."
Diego D'Alessio / FileMaker Hoy
"SimpleDialog is a great plug-in. it helps us build solutions that our users love to use by keeping them informed of progress and helps us look much more professional."
Vincenzo P. Menanno / Beezwax

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Item   Notes   Files
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.1.2   FM Pro 10 - 12 Mac OS X   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn412.dmg
    FM Pro 10 - 12 Windows   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn412.zip
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.1   FM Pro 8.5 - 12 Mac OS X   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn41.dmg
    FM Pro 8.5 - 12 Windows   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn41.zip
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 3.1.2   FM Pro 7 - 10 Mac OS X   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn312.dmg
    FM Pro 7 - 10 Windows   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn312.zip
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 2.7.2   FM Pro 4 - 6, Mac OS X, Mac OS   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn272.dmg
    FM Pro 4 - 6, Windows   24uSimpleDialogPlugIn272.zip