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24U Plug-In Template 3.1

Create your own custom
FileMaker Pro plug-ins without
re-inventing the wheel!

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24U Plug-In Template will help you to create your own custom plug-ins for FileMaker Pro quickly and easily!

Thanks to intuitive lucidity and efficiency this template is appropriate for both beginners and experts. Creating your plug-ins with 24U Plug-In Template is nothing more than just configuring few constants in a single header file and writing your function code.

Version 3.1 updated for FileMaker Pro 12

  • XCode project updated to support 64-bit mode
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 project updated to support 64-bit mode
  • FMPlugInSDK 12 is now included in the template
  • added sample database "24UTemplateVersion.fmp12" for FileMaker Pro 12
  • Added documentation for developing and testing 64-bit plug-ins

Primary features:

  • Single point of configuration
  • Pre-configured autoupdate savvy version function
  • Detailed comments in all user-editable files
  • Easily readable compact code
  • Pre-configured special targets for debugging
  • 24U plist compiler for Xcode
  • Ready-to-compile XCode and Visual Studio .NET projects
  • Detailed description of the template's contents
  • Easy to use and time-saving

24U Plug-In Template will let you save time, make fewer mistakes, and get much more powerful and elegant results. Make higher quality plug-ins with less effort.

The previous version (named 24U FM Template) was created thanks to the collaboration of 24U Software and New Millennium Communications, Inc. 24U Plug-In Template 3 now brings your plug-in development to the next level with the official FileMaker Plug-In SDK already included in the projects, ready to build plug-ins for FileMaker Pro 11 and 12.

24U Plug-In Template 3.1 can be used to build native plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server versions 10, 11 and 12, including 64-bit server-side plug-ins for FileMaker Server 12 web publishing engine. Older versions of the template are available for building plug-ins for older versions of FileMaker Pro.

Minimum requirements of the current version:

  • Mac OS X: Intel Mac, 2048 MB RAM, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, XCode 4.0, FileMaker Pro 10
  • Windows: 500 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, FileMaker Pro 10

Type: freeware

FileMaker Plug-in Support
Plug-In SDK publicly available
FileMaker, Inc. has made their plug-in SDK publicly available for download from their website. Click the link below to get the current version of the SDK directly from FileMaker.
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"24U FM Template might be useful if you want to reinvent the wheel, but not the axle and the rest of the car. ;-)"
Jay Gonzales, A.E. Wood & Erickson
"A huge thanks for making the plug-in template. From Zero knowledge of CW to producing a filemaker plug-in in less than 1 week. Not bad! :-)"
John Walsh
"They took the example plug-in project from FileMaker and simplified it a BUNCH by wrapping it with their own stuff! (BTW - It's FREE!!) It's a WHOLE lot simpler to start with the 24U template than it is with FileMaker's!"
Mike Faulkner,
Sky Dancer Studios, Inc. http://www.skydancerstudios.com/

Item   Notes   Files
24U Plug-In Template 3.1   For creating FileMaker Pro 10-12 native plug-ins   24uPlugInTemplate31.dmg
    For creating FileMaker Pro 10-12 native plug-ins   24uPlugInTemplate31.zip
24U Plug-In Template 3.0   For creating FileMaker Pro 8.5-11 native plug-ins   24uPlugInTemplate30.dmg
    For creating FileMaker Pro 8.5-11 native plug-ins   24uPlugInTemplate30.zip
24U Plug-In Template 2.2   For creating FileMaker Pro 7-10 native plug-ins   24uFMTemplate22.dmg
    For creating FileMaker Pro 7-10 native plug-ins   24uFMTemplate22.zip
24U FM Template 1.1   For creating FileMaker Pro 4-9 compatible plug-ins   24uFMTemplate11.dmg
    For creating FileMaker Pro 4-9 compatible plug-ins   24uFMTemplate11.zip